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Blinds & Designs of Florida provides custom window shades for residential and commercial customers in the Sarasota area. All our shades are custom-made to complement your style and available with many options to choose from.

Sheer Shade Options by Hunter Douglas

Honeycomb / Cellular Shades

Often referred to as honeycomb shades, cellular shades are exceptionally designed to complement every décor and provide several benefits. Available in a vast selection of fashionable colors and fabrics, these shades can bring a contemporary splash of color and texture to a large window or appear neutral and minimalistic to complement a more traditional style. The soft, luxurious fabrics exist in different light control levels. Whether sheer, light filtering or blackout, cellular shades create the perfect setting in any room. Cellular shades maximize a room’s view because the cells create a very minimal vertical or horizontal stack, creating a neat, open look. You also can combine vertical cellular shades with horizontal cellular shades to create a complementary look throughout your home.


Cellular shades are constructed with stylish, cellular-shaped pockets to:

  • Offer various degrees of light filtration
  • Keep air from either entering or escaping your home
  • Provide an insulating layer for ideal temperature maintenance year round
  • Decrease glare and heat

A unique feature is the top-down/bottom-up option which allows you to lower shades from the top and raise shades from the bottom. This is a perfect feature for a bathroom or bedroom where privacy is frequently required on the lower half of the window, but one might desire to allow natural light into the room. Cellular shades are also offered in specialty shapes, such as arches and trapezoids and provide the best solution for insulating a skylight.

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Duette ® Honeycomb Shades

Duette® honeycomb shades offer distinctive beauty, light control, and temperature control for the perfect indoor setting. They are made by a connected series of hexagonally shaped cells, which collapse into a thin stack for a maximum view when the shades are opened. Thanks to the honeycomb shape and construction, these shades specialize in energy efficiency. They can reduce heat flow, trap air, and create natural insulation for energy bill savings and ideal temperature maintenance year-round. The honeycomb cells are also extremely efficient at sound absorption. Honeycomb shades provide softly diffused light that reduces glare and heat, while opaque fabric will block 99 percent of UV rays.


Hunter Douglas shade options

Most Duette® honeycomb shades are made with TruePleat™, a trademarked Hunter Douglas process that ensures crisp pleats for years. The revolutionary Architella® collection is another innovation that enhances the form and function of Duette® shades; the unique honeycomb within a honeycomb construction provides deep, luminous color and improved pleat retention. Available in single, double, and triple layers, the pleats of fabric are both dazzling and durable. The resilient, dust and stain resistant fabrics are available in a variety of colors and sizes to complement any décor. Bring a contemporary splash of color and texture to a window or appear neutral and minimalistic to complement a more traditional style. Duette® shades are also duotone, with your choice of color facing the interior and the exterior; you can choose the same color for both sides or default to the standard, white tone that usually faces the exterior to effectively reflect sunlight.


Control Options:

  • EasyRise™ continuous cord loop
  • LiteRise® cordless system
  • Top Down / Bottom Up

You can create the perfect setting and have ultimate light control with your choice of light filtering, room darkening or blackout fabric. Specialty shapes are also available for non-standard windows, including arches, angles, circles, hexagons, and octagons.

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Sonnette ® Cellular Roller Shades

Like classic honeycomb shades, Sonnette cellular roller shades gently diffuse light through an innovative curved shape; providing ambiance and character while dispersing light to all angles of the room. Offering clean lines and a modern look this product is in a class of its own.

Experience the new shape of light. Purposefully engineered, the curved cellular construction provides an energy efficient layer to your home, insulating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

Sonnette offers a versatile easy-to-use, contemporary window treatment, perfect for any room in the modern home.


Five top benefits to selecting Sonnette® for your home:

  1. Innovative light diffusing shape
  2. Energy efficient cellular construction
  3. Stylish and versatile design
  4. Modern cordless operation
  5. Hunter Douglas trusted performance and quality

For light control, select between two opacities.

  • Semi-opaque diffuses light for a soft glow and moderate privacy from the outside in.
  • Room darkening blocks the majority of incoming light and provides additional in-home privacy.

Operating Systems Available:

  • LiteRise: Raise or lower your shades by lifting or pulling down the bottom rail
  • SoftTouch Motorization: Gently pull down on the wand to activate your shade to lower. A slight push up will send your shade into the fully raised position. Battery powered.
  • PowerView Motorization: Create personalized shade settings for the ultimate in convenience of automated operation. Operate your shades from home or away via the RemoteConnectFeature. Battery and plug-in options available.
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Designer Banded Shades

Originally introduced in Europe, Designer Banded Shades are also known as Zebra Shades, Double Roller Shades, Twinlights and Mezzanine Layered Shades.
Banded Shades offer a unique control of light and privacy. This shade combines sheer fabric with bands of solid fabric that allow you to control your view. With the shade down you can move the shade to the view position that lets you see outside while maintaining some privacy and softening the day light. At nighttime when you want privacy you can overlap the bands, providing you with privacy.

These shades come in different opacities, light filtering, room darkening or light dimming fabrics. Fabrics are available in a variety of textures, colors, and band heights. Band heights cannot be specified. Choose a band height that will best suit your view-through preferences. Hunter Douglas offers great geometric designs.

Shades are offered with a rounded or squared fabric covered cassette eliminating the need for an additional valance or top treatment and include a fashionable bottom bar. Operation systems can be manual with a chain, motorized with a remote or can come with a soft touch power wand which is attached to the shade.

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Roller Shades

Combining practicality and style is the roller shade specialty. The minimal yet highly effective design includes a roller at the top of the window with material that can be unrolled for privacy, view, and light control. In addition to being highly efficient, roller shades also provide a beautiful backdrop that adds depth, dimension, and drama to any room. Almost any type of fabric or vinyl cloth can be used within an impressive range of stunning colors, styles, and textures. Traditional fabrics exude timeless elegance and luxury. Natural fabrics look like grass cloth with aspects comparable to beautiful woven woods. Bold color fabrics add energy and vibrancy while neutral color fabrics create a calming, balancing effect. Whether you want slightly more privacy or to block out all light, roller shades also offer room darkening and blackout fabric.

When needing to cover sliding glass doors or very large windows in the same room with roller shades, a panel track is a great solution. By using the same fabric as the roller shade, the panel track creates a neat and cohesive look in any room or throughout the entire house. If you are not familiar with a panel track, please ask your Blinds & Designs designer.


Technology gives roller shades an exceptional ease of movement

They can elevate with either a cordless system or a continuous cord loop, allowing you to easily position the fabric at any level. With the press of a button, motorized rollers have an unlimited range of motion that can be operated easily from across the room. They also provide a clean appearance that eliminates long, troublesome cords from hanging down and interfering with your view. Modern designs also offer the option of enclosing the roller in a cassette, fascia, or valance to create a completed look at the top of the shade. A unique hem or streamline hem bar that is color-coordinated completes the contemporary or classic look at the bottom.

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Roman Shades

If you want the elegance of draperies with the convenience and functionality of window shades, roman shades are the perfect option.  Naturally resulting in a seamless appearance, these shades combine classic form with contemporary function.  From casual to sophisticated, roman shades offer a full range of luxurious colors, materials and patterns that complement your décor and lifestyle.  These soft, sculpted folds provide stunning drama and depth to your room while providing excellent privacy, light control, and insulation.

Roman shades embody versatility.  From linens to cottons to faux silks to blends, your choice of fabrics is almost unlimited.  Available in light filtering or room darkening fabrics, roman shades help control light and privacy throughout the day.  Adding a liner, available in opaque and semi-opaque, allows you to determine the abundance of light.  You can also choose from flat fold, hobbled or cascading styles to bring your room to life.  For an even more customized look, you can add decorative trims and cornices or matching fabric valances to complete the look and cover the head rail.


Control Options

The top down / bottom-up option allows you to lower shades from the top and raise shades from the bottom.  This is perfect when you require privacy on the lower half of the window but still desire natural light and a view with the upper half open.  Control options include standard cord lock, continuous cord loop, cordless or motorization.  Continuous cord loop is recommended for easier operation because the cord will not change lengths as it is raised or lowered.  Cordless eliminates long pull cords, producing a clean, neat look around windows and a safe environment for children and pets.  For ultimate convenience, motorized shades can be raised or lowered with just the touch of a button.  When raised, roman shades also create a beautiful accent at the top of your window.

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Vignette ® Modern Roman Shades

This missing piece for your windows, Vignette® shades combine the best of style and functionality for the perfect atmosphere. The classic beauty of a Roman shade combined with modern technology makes these shades a perfect choice for your windows. The lavish fabrics and soft folds provide a room with smooth elegance. From the cool eloquence of semi-sheer and translucent fabrics to the warm, enveloping allure of room-darkening fabrics, Vignette® shades provide ultimate light control and frame any room with impeccable taste. Available in hundreds of colors, patterns and textures, these dust and stain resistant fabrics complement any home décor. Add texture and softness to your windows with the tiered or hobbled style; with two-fold sizes, these shades create a look like extravagant drapery. Flat Vignette® shades lie almost flat when the shade is lowered for a crisp, neat look.


Control Options:

  • EasyRise™ continuous cord loop
  • LiteRise® cordless system
  • PowerRise® with Platinum™ Technology
  • Top Down / Bottom Up
  • UltraGlide® retractable cord

You also have the option of a horizontal or vertical orientation, so a cohesive look can be created among windows and sliding glass doors. The matching fabric-covered head rail and bottom rail create a unified look from top to bottom as well. The unique head rail design conceals and protects the shade when raised so there isn’t a fabric stack to obstruct the outside view. Another great feature is the enhanced child and pet safety; only Vignette® shades offer no exposed rear cords.

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Solera ® Soft Shades

A cross between a honeycomb shade and a roman shade, Solera® soft shades combine the unique cellular construction and energy efficiency of a honeycomb shade and the softness of a roman shade. The cascading pleat construction provides a smooth, sculptured feel for your windows while it beautifully filters light. These pleats also promote energy efficiency. The cellular shape provides maximum protection from heating and cooling loss through your windows, creating significant savings on your energy bills.


Solera® soft shades offer an unmatched aesthetic

Made especially for homeowners who prefer exclusive designs rather than the standard window coverings. The woven and non-woven fabric collection is available in multiple colors and styles, with your choice of light filtering or room darkening opacities. Resistant to dust and stains, new fabrics are always being created based on current market trends and current top selling colors. The fabric wrapped head and bottom rails as well as the color-coordinated hardware are also details you can customize. This makes it easy for Solera® soft shades to coordinate beautifully with your existing décor. You can effortlessly add dimension and create an upscale, expensive look without the high price.


Control Options:

  • EasyRise™ continuous cord loop
  • LiteRise® cordless system
  • Top Down / Bottom Up
  • PowerRise® with Platinum™ Technology
  • Top Down / Bottom Up
  • UltraGlide® retractable cord
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Solar Shades

Imagine if you could maintain your beautiful outdoor view while gently filtering and diffusing the light entering your window or lanai. When you don’t want to block your view but want to control the amount of light and heat that enters a room, solar shades are the solution! Artistically crafted from an open weave, mesh material, solar shades are perfect for rooms that tend to be bathed in sunlight. They reduce the glare on your television and computer screens and provide a stylish way to protect your valuable furnishings from harmful UV rays. Often referred to as solar screens, sunshades or “sunglasses” for your windows, these well-designed shades can also be mounted outside on a porch or patio. Exterior solar shades are constructed with resilient PVC-covered polyester fabric that can be easily wiped down for cleaning.


Solar shades are energy efficient with a touch of flair

This classic style has a dramatic impact, creating the perfect ambiance through the regulation of solar energy. They block solar heat to keep temperatures at a comfortable level and protect furniture and carpets while providing a simple and streamline fit for any décor. They capture a unique feel and create a lasting visual imprint. The impressive collection of fabrics is available in a wide range of colors and styles at many levels of openness factors.

The choice of color and style can turn a room into a bold statement or perfectly complement a traditional style:

Dark color fabrics - provide excellent glare control and are excellent for emphasizing the outside view. They also reflect less heat than light fabrics, absorbing and keeping it at the window until it dissipates.

Light color fabrics - provide more effective heat control than dark fabrics, reflecting heat away from the room. They also let more visible light through, reducing the transparency of the outside view but leaving the room feeling very bright and cheerful.

High performance reflective fabrics - provide ultimate heat and glare control through a silver, reflective backing on the exterior that still allows for a partial outside view.

The choice of openness determines the clarity of your view. The higher the openness factor and the darker the fabric, the clearer your view.

Modern solar shades are now enhanced with extraordinary operating systems, featuring cordless, clutch operated or motorized. With the press of a button or a slight pull motion, these shades can be raised, lowered, or stopped at any level. Creating daytime privacy while preserving your view of the outside has never been easier.

Ask our Blinds & Designs designer about the moiré effect.

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Woven Wood Shades

Handcrafted from natural materials like reeds, grasses and natural woods, woven wood shades provide an organic style to your home. Materials like bamboo, wood planks, rattan, sisal, wild grasses, ropes, and twine are woven together in various patterns. Some styles use one material while others use a combination. These eco-friendly shades add texture and dimension to dress up your windows with unique, exotic beauty. Available in a multitude of colors, woven woods can provide the exact “feel” you are looking for. Lighter toned shades complement rooms with white or neutral décor while darker toned shades balance rooms with bold colors or dark wood accents. Looks range from rustic to elegant to complement any of your home furnishings.

When paired with liners, woven wood shades block 100% of UV rays and give full privacy when completely lowered. These optional fabric backings are available in both light filtering and room darkening, protecting your valuable furnishings, and providing enhanced privacy. Another option is to attach a decorative edge banding that allows you to preserve the quality of wood blinds while creating stylish, custom window fashions at the same time. Even the decorative valance can be customized to accommodate every style from traditional to contemporary. Woven wood shades can also be custom made to fit inside unconventional window shapes like arches, octagons and trapezoids and around difficult architectural elements like ACs, heat registers and window cranks.


With modern technology, woven woods are available in a variety of operating styles

For added convenience and safety, you can motorize your woven wood shades so easy operation is just a click away. The cordless option also eliminates dangling cords, creating a safe environment for children and pets. The top-down / bottom-up style allows you to lower the shade from the top, raise it from the bottom, or both. A panel track can easily cover large windows and sliding doors to create a cohesive appearance while a folding panel has a similar look and feel to draperies. All options create a minimal, neat stack and provide an endless range of privacy and light settings for any mood. Consult your Blinds & Designs expert on how woven wood shades can enhance your environment.

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Vertiglide ® Shades

You will see immediately how this shade transforms any room into an absolute stunning living space and experience the privacy and beauty you deserve.

More than just a beautiful and stylish shade, this product offers features that go beyond its obvious good looks. Vertiglide® shades are designed with a cellular, honeycomb shape that allows energy saving insulation right at the window. The product uses pockets of air to help create the insulation between Heat and Cold so you can be comfortable in any season. An additional feature is Vertiglide’s® ability to reduce outside noise.

Hunter Douglas Vertiglide® shades come in several fashion-forward styles and over 100 colors to go with any décor. This is one of our most popular and top selling window treatments for covering sliding glass doors because of its ease of use. When open all the way, the shade stacks a mere 6-1/2” on one side, there are no cords, chains, or wands of any kind. Duette Honeycomb Vertiglide® shades can also be fully automated for convenience while still able to operate manually for accessibility.


Automated Motorization

Maximize your energy savings with Powerview Motorization. Schedule your shades to open and close with the movement of the sun throughout the day for even greater energy savings. Just ask us how.

Ask about Microshield Antimicrobial Fabric Protection.

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Automated Shades

Today, automation is an integral part of how we interact with the world. It is the way of the future that now extends to window coverings. Automated blinds and shades combine style, convenience, and safety and the perfect solution to hard-to-reach windows. Or maybe you want to save time because you have multiple window coverings that you’d like to raise or lower all at once. Even if you just prefer luxury and the ease of operation that atomization provides, your life will become so much easier! Simple to maintain, automated blinds and shades are the most convenient way to regulate sunlight and privacy. You can adjust your window coverings to the desired height with a remote, wireless wall switch, smartphone, or tablet. With the quick push of a button or flip of a switch, you can easily control your blinds or shades from across the room. No more leaning, reaching over the couch or climbing up a step ladder to grab hazardous cords or wands. Now, children and pets stay safe as well.


Huge Selection of Motorized Options

At Blinds & Designs of Florida, we strive to be the leader in automation by offering a huge selection of motorized options with the latest and greatest technology. From timers to sun sensors, we incorporate the most up-to-date equipment to keep your home insulated and protected when you are at work or on vacation. Timers allow you to program your window coverings to open and close at specific times while sensors signal them to close when the sun is at its brightest. These features provide significant savings in energy costs and keep fabrics, rugs, upholstery, and artwork from fading. We can even easily integrate new technology to work alongside an existing system.

The type of automation depends on what type of window treatment you prefer. With shades, a motorized lift is used to raise or lower the entire shade. Ask your Blinds & Designs of Florida designer about the top-down / bottom-up feature that lets you open your shades from the top and the bottom, allowing you to create the perfect balance of natural light and privacy. If blinds are more your style, motorized tilt is used to tilt the slats or vanes open or closed. Cellular, pleated, roman, roller and solar shades use motorized lift while vertical, wood, and faux wood blinds use motorized tilt.

Contact Blinds & Designs of Florida for a professional designer to show you how we can make your life easier!

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