Solar Shades

Blinds & Designs of Florida provides custom window shades for residential and commercial customers in the Sarasota area. All our shades are custom-made to complement your style and available with many options to choose from.

Solar Shades

Imagine if you could maintain your beautiful outdoor view while gently filtering and diffusing the light entering your window or lanai. When you don’t want to block your view but want to control the amount of light and heat that enters a room, solar shades are the solution! Artistically crafted from an open weave, mesh material, solar shades are perfect for rooms that tend to be bathed in sunlight. They reduce the glare on your television and computer screens and provide a stylish way to protect your valuable furnishings from harmful UV rays. Often referred to as solar screens, sunshades or “sunglasses” for your windows, these well-designed shades can also be mounted outside on a porch or patio. Exterior solar shades are constructed with resilient PVC-covered polyester fabric that can be easily wiped down for cleaning.


Solar shades are energy efficient with a touch of flair

This classic style has a dramatic impact, creating the perfect ambiance through the regulation of solar energy. They block solar heat to keep temperatures at a comfortable level and protect furniture and carpets while providing a simple and streamline fit for any décor. They capture a unique feel and create a lasting visual imprint. The impressive collection of fabrics is available in a wide range of colors and styles at many levels of openness factors.

The choice of color and style can turn a room into a bold statement or perfectly complement a traditional style:

Dark color fabrics - provide excellent glare control and are excellent for emphasizing the outside view. They also reflect less heat than light fabrics, absorbing and keeping it at the window until it dissipates.

Light color fabrics - provide more effective heat control than dark fabrics, reflecting heat away from the room. They also let more visible light through, reducing the transparency of the outside view but leaving the room feeling very bright and cheerful.

High performance reflective fabrics - provide ultimate heat and glare control through a silver, reflective backing on the exterior that still allows for a partial outside view.

The choice of openness determines the clarity of your view. The higher the openness factor and the darker the fabric, the clearer your view.

Modern solar shades are now enhanced with extraordinary operating systems, featuring cordless, clutch operated or motorized. With the press of a button or a slight pull motion, these shades can be raised, lowered, or stopped at any level. Creating daytime privacy while preserving your view of the outside has never been easier.

Ask our Blinds & Designs designer about the moiré effect.

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Automated Shades

Today, automation is an integral part of how we interact with the world. It is the way of the future that now extends to window coverings. Automated blinds and shades combine style, convenience, and safety for the perfect solution to hard-to-reach windows. Or maybe you want to save time because you have multiple window coverings that you’d like to raise or lower all at once. Even if you just prefer luxury and the ease of operation that atomization provides, your life will become so much easier!

Simple to maintain, automated blinds and shades are the most convenient way to regulate sunlight and privacy. You can adjust your window coverings to the desired height with a remote, wireless wall switch, smartphone, or tablet. With the quick push of a button or flip of a switch, you can easily control your blinds or shades from across the room. No more leaning, reaching over the couch or climbing up a step ladder to grab hazardous cords or wands. Now, children and pets stay safe as well.


Huge Selection of Motorized Options

At Blinds & Designs of Florida, we strive to be the leader in automation by offering a huge selection of motorized options with the latest and greatest technology. From timers to sun sensors, we incorporate the most up-to-date equipment to keep your home insulated and protected when you are at work or on vacation. Timers allow you to program your window coverings to open and close at specific times while sensors signal them to close when the sun is at its brightest. These features provide significant savings in energy costs and keep fabrics, rugs, upholstery, and artwork from fading. We can even easily integrate new technology to work alongside an existing system.

The type of automation depends on what type of window treatment you prefer. With shades, a motorized lift is used to raise or lower the entire shade. Ask your Blinds & Designs of Florida designer about the top-down / bottom-up feature that lets you open your shades from the top and the bottom, allowing you to create the perfect balance of natural light and privacy. If blinds are more your style, motorized tilt is used to tilt the slats or vanes open or closed. Cellular, pleated, roman, roller and solar shades use motorized lift while vertical, wood, and faux wood blinds use motorized tilt.

Contact Blinds & Designs of Florida for a professional designer to show you how we can make your life easier!

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Please give us a call at (941) 360-9200

We are ready to help and answer any questions you have.

Please give us a call at (941) 360-9200, stop by our showroom or send us a message. We are ready to help and answer any questions you have.

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