Roman Shades

Blinds & Designs of Florida provides custom window shades for residential and commercial customers in the Sarasota area. All our shades are custom-made to complement your style and available with many options to choose from.

Roman Shades

If you want the elegance of draperies with the convenience and functionality of window shades, roman shades are the perfect option.  Naturally resulting in a seamless appearance, these shades combine classic form with contemporary function.  From casual to sophisticated, roman shades offer a full range of luxurious colors, materials and patterns that complement your décor and lifestyle.  These soft, sculpted folds provide stunning drama and depth to your room while providing excellent privacy, light control, and insulation.

Roman shades embody versatility.  From linens to cottons to faux silks to blends, your choice of fabrics is almost unlimited.  Available in light filtering or room darkening fabrics, roman shades help control light and privacy throughout the day.  Adding a liner, available in opaque and semi-opaque, allows you to determine the abundance of light.  You can also choose from flat fold, hobbled or cascading styles to bring your room to life.  For an even more customized look, you can add decorative trims and cornices or matching fabric valances to complete the look and cover the head rail.


Control Options

The top down / bottom-up option allows you to lower shades from the top and raise shades from the bottom.  This is perfect when you require privacy on the lower half of the window but still desire natural light and a view with the upper half open.  Control options include standard cord lock, continuous cord loop, cordless or motorization.  Continuous cord loop is recommended for easier operation because the cord will not change lengths as it is raised or lowered.  Cordless eliminates long pull cords, producing a clean, neat look around windows and a safe environment for children and pets.  For ultimate convenience, motorized shades can be raised or lowered with just the touch of a button.  When raised, roman shades also create a beautiful accent at the top of your window.

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Vignette ® Modern Roman Shades

This missing piece for your windows, Vignette® shades combine the best of style and functionality for the perfect atmosphere. The classic beauty of a Roman shade combined with modern technology makes these shades a perfect choice for your windows. The lavish fabrics and soft folds provide a room with smooth elegance. From the cool eloquence of semi-sheer and translucent fabrics to the warm, enveloping allure of room-darkening fabrics, Vignette® shades provide ultimate light control and frame any room with impeccable taste. Available in hundreds of colors, patterns and textures, these dust and stain resistant fabrics complement any home décor. Add texture and softness to your windows with the tiered or hobbled style; with two-fold sizes, these shades create a look like extravagant drapery. Flat Vignette® shades lie almost flat when the shade is lowered for a crisp, neat look.


Control Options:

  • EasyRise™ continuous cord loop
  • LiteRise® cordless system
  • PowerRise® with Platinum™ Technology
  • Top Down / Bottom Up
  • UltraGlide® retractable cord

You also have the option of a horizontal or vertical orientation, so a cohesive look can be created among windows and sliding glass doors. The matching fabric-covered head rail and bottom rail create a unified look from top to bottom as well. The unique head rail design conceals and protects the shade when raised so there isn’t a fabric stack to obstruct the outside view. Another great feature is the enhanced child and pet safety; only Vignette® shades offer no exposed rear cords.

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Automated Shades

Today, automation is an integral part of how we interact with the world. It is the way of the future that now extends to window coverings. Automated blinds and shades combine style, convenience, and safety for the perfect solution to hard-to-reach windows. Or maybe you want to save time because you have multiple window coverings that you’d like to raise or lower all at once. Even if you just prefer luxury and the ease of operation that atomization provides, your life will become so much easier!

Simple to maintain, automated blinds and shades are the most convenient way to regulate sunlight and privacy. You can adjust your window coverings to the desired height with a remote, wireless wall switch, smartphone, or tablet. With the quick push of a button or flip of a switch, you can easily control your blinds or shades from across the room. No more leaning, reaching over the couch or climbing up a step ladder to grab hazardous cords or wands. Now, children and pets stay safe as well.


Huge Selection of Motorized Options

At Blinds & Designs of Florida, we strive to be the leader in automation by offering a huge selection of motorized options with the latest and greatest technology. From timers to sun sensors, we incorporate the most up-to-date equipment to keep your home insulated and protected when you are at work or on vacation. Timers allow you to program your window coverings to open and close at specific times while sensors signal them to close when the sun is at its brightest. These features provide significant savings in energy costs and keep fabrics, rugs, upholstery, and artwork from fading. We can even easily integrate new technology to work alongside an existing system.

The type of automation depends on what type of window treatment you prefer. With shades, a motorized lift is used to raise or lower the entire shade. Ask your Blinds & Designs of Florida designer about the top-down / bottom-up feature that lets you open your shades from the top and the bottom, allowing you to create the perfect balance of natural light and privacy. If blinds are more your style, motorized tilt is used to tilt the slats or vanes open or closed. Cellular, pleated, roman, roller and solar shades use motorized lift while vertical, wood, and faux wood blinds use motorized tilt.

Contact Blinds & Designs of Florida for a professional designer to show you how we can make your life easier!

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We are ready to help and answer any questions you have.

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